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Meet the Team

meetateamThis is a team page without a side­bar. It works great as a intro page and will intro­du­ce your team with maxi­mum visual flair.

Team page images like the ones below are added to the page via a short­code mana­ger. No short­codes to remem­ber, it’s all done for you with 3 easy clicks.

Becau­se teams are ins­er­ted with short­codes it can be added to any page any post, and any con­tent type that will accept short­codes.

The advan­ced team tools that’s added with the upgraded Cro­ma restau­rant frame­work, will make your work a bree­ze, and will add con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons that’s out of this world

  • Tra­cy King

    Always smi­ling, always wil­ling to go the extra mile, That’s our head wai­tress Tra­cy for you.

  • Peter Nor­th

    Our head chef and all around good guy keeps our menu’s top of the world.

And becau­se it is a short code that adds the team images, you can add con­tent above or below the short­code without any worries or dif­fi­cul­ty.